There is nothing better than a well maintained lawn as the focal point for any garden in Edinburgh.


Fantastic looking and flexible, lawns have multiple uses, from alfresco dining and partying to being the perfect place for children to play a myriad of games and sports.


Great looking lawns however don’t just appear overnight and even good looking and established lawns can soon begin to look a little shabby if they are neglected. However, even with just a little attention, you can get your lawning looking fabulous and healthy again.


For those without a lawn who would like one, our Edinburgh turfing services will have you with a great looking lawn in no-time.


Our Edinburgh Turfing Services:


Whether want a completely new lawn or find that it’s easier to replace rather than repair an old one, our turfing services in Edinburgh are for you. Our services include the following stages:


Consultation – We’ll talk with you about your lawn, where you want it and what you want out of it. This stage is essential as it can iron out any potential problems and ensure that your new lawn looks great.


Installation – Before laying the actual turf, we prepare the ground over which it is laid which includes removing weeds, levelling the ground and then adding topsoil. The turf is then laid and watered within half an hour to help it establish itself.


Aftercare – We’ll give you clear instructions on how to care for your lawn or you can use our additional Edinburgh turfing services to do this for you. Your turf should take about four weeks to establish itself so needs careful attention during this time. During, and after this time we can also offer you further care such as:


  • Lawn seeding – Parts of your lawn looking patchy, our lawn seeding services can help.


  • Weed killing – Weeds can take over a garden, use our services to help prevent this.


  • Moss killing – Like weeds, moss can make your lawn look shabby, use our lawn services to help prevent this.


  • Fertilising – Fertilizing your lawn and borders can really help them keep looking healthy.


  • Scarifying – Removing clutter from your lawn is essential to keep it looking healthy.


  • Aeration – Perforating your new turf lawn with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots is essential for a healthy and long lasting lawn.
Turfing Edinburgh

Additional Services:


Lawns don’t exist insulation so with your new and improved lawn, we can help you with other things such as beautifying the borders and helping you with planting.


Whether you have ideas ind designs of your own or you wish to work with us to come up with some, we can provide you with a planting service that takes into account your designs, budget and colour/plant preferences.


If your soil needs it, we can fertilise it and improve it to ensure your plants have the best possible soil to grow in and your new lawn is surrounded by fabulous looking plants.


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