Are you looking for Edinburgh paving services?


You’re in the right place. Here at Landscaping Edinburgh, as part of our full range of gardening services, we offer the premier Edinburgh paving service and can help you with the full range of paving needs, whatever they are. This includes (but is not limited to) :


Patio Paving – The very best garden always strike that fine balance between fencing, planting and paving. Spending time to consider and get the best paving fitted not only provides you with an area of your garden that you can enjoy but it also serves to show off the rest of your garden and property in the best light. Gone are the old days when there was a limited choice of garden paving options, today with our Edinburgh paving services, you have a huge amount of choice that encompasses a range of colours and textures.


Natural Stone Paving – There really is nothing better than natural stone pacing and our experienced Edinburgh pavers can ensure that you have the best looking natural stone pacing in the area. Natural stone paving encompasses some of the finest looking stone and can really make your garden stand out as something different. Options include:


  • Slate
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Granite


All of these come in a range of shades and textures.


Driveway Paving – Driveways, whether at the front or side of your house are one of the first things that your home is judged upon. A shabby driveway can really take away from even the nicest of houses so whether you want your house to look as good as it can be or you are looking to sell it and maximise its worth, a fabulous looking driveway is a great investment.


A well chosen and well installed driveway can not just look great on its own but it can also create opportunities for landscaping focal points as well as ensuring you have an easy to look after, maintenance free driveway for many years to come.


Mortarless or Mortared Driveway Paving?


Our Edinburgh pavers can install both mortared and mortarless driveways, but we tend to recommend people go for mortarless in most circumstances. This is because instead of mortar, a special sand mixture is used and this enables the driveway to be solid but flexible and should cracking ever occur, replacing parts of it is both cheap and easy.


Why Use Our Edinburgh Paving Services?


We’re experts. Every one of our Edinburgh pavers is highly experienced and qualified to work in all types of paving. We’ve installed a host of patios, driveways and other sorts of paving in the Edinburgh area and all of our customers have been hugely satisfied with the standard of our work. Everything we do is to the very best possible standards and we have some of the best prices in the area too.


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