Looking to install a new patio in your Edinburgh home?


Installing a new patio can really transform the look of your garden and help you enjoy it all the more, especially during the summer months in Edinburgh.


Patios can not only help to add outdoor space and provide you with an area to entertain family and friends, they can also help to increase the value of your property.


Our professional Edinburgh patios installers will take care of all your patio needs from design to installation and ensure you get the right patio for your needs and one that you will love for years to come.


Some Common Questions About Our Edinburgh Patios Service:


My property has never had a patio. Is it possible to install one?


Thanks to our extensive experience and skill, we can fit a patient onto almost any foundation. However, there are a small number of time where it may not be possible, although these thankfully are rare. The only way to know for sure is to let us have a look at the area you are looking at for a patio and let us carry out a free survey to asses the ground.


We have a patio that is in a poor state of repair. Can you update this one or simply repair it?


Yes, it is possible for us to do this depending upon the actual state of the patio. However, it can often be quicker, cheaper, and far more cost effective to have a completely new driveway fitted. You can actually spend less money and end up with a better driveway that will last for many years to come.


Can weather damage my new patio? How can I protect it?


Even the very best new patios in Edinburgh can be damaged by the might of the Scottish weather. However, we do offer a maintenance package that ensures you patio is best prepared against the worst the Scottish weather can throw at it.

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Our Edinburgh Patio Services:


Patio Design – The first step to a beautiful new patio is design. Getting the design right is crucial and our Edinburgh patio designers will work with you to design you a patio that fulfills all of your need and looks amazing too.


Installation – You may choose to have block paving, stone paving or a multitude of other options for your patio. Our expert installers will have your patio up and running in no-time and you’ll be enjoying it with a glass of wine in the sun before you know it.


Maintenance – The Scottish weather can be cruel which is why we offer a number of maintenance plans for your patio to ensure it stays looking in tip-top condition.


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