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Are you looking for garden fencing services in Edinburgh?


Garden fencing plays a huge part in making your garden the best it can be and not only provides you with a sense of safety and security but it also gives you that fantastic sense of privacy as well as helping to add value to your home.


Why Is Good Quality Fencing A Great Choice?


  • It makes you garden safer – We live in a world where safety from burglars and other intruders is ever more important. Good quality and well-fitted fencing is one of the best defenses you can have against intruders so don’t delay and get it fixed ASAP.


  • Defines your boundaries – Neighbour disputes are a sad fact of life for many people and often this can be about boundaries. One of the best way to avoid this is to have good quality fencing clearly marking the boundary so you both know where you stand.


  • Keep your pets safe – Cats may like to wander but it’s not good (or legal) to let your dog do the same. Dogs can be very good at getting out of gardens that aren’t secured well so by getting good quality fencing put in it can help keep your dog safe.


  • It stands up to the weather – The Scottish weather can be cruel at times and can be especially cruel on fences, the high winds blowing them and even breaking them. That’s not a problem for our bespoke handmade Edinburgh fences however.


  • Keep your kids safe – Having a well fenced garden can help to create a safe haven for your children and can make your garden a safe place to play with each other and their friends.


  • It looks great all year round – Because fencing is all round your garden, it is always in view which means poor quality fencing can really bring down the general look of your garden. Investment in good quality fencing for your Edinburgh garden however is an investment that improves all of your garden.


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Why Use Our Edinburgh Fencing Services?


Now we’ve established just why getting good quality fencing is a great idea, we understand that when you are looking for someone to instal fencing for you you are confronted with a myriad of options. We think that you should use ourselves, a local, Edinburgh based fencing company because:


We’re local – Thanks to all our Edinburgh fencers being local, we have a great speed of response and can be flexible to your needs and fit your fences whenever is best for you.


We’re good at what we do – Check out our testimonials, we have hundreds of happy customers in the Edinburgh area. When you use ourselves, you are placing your fencing needs in the hands of experts.


We’re honest – Most of our business comes from referrals from happy customers which is a great indication as to how honest and straightforward we are. Everything we do is clearly explained and transparent meaning you know exactly what is going on at all time.