Hard Landscaping

Looking for hard landscaping services in Edinburgh?


Our experienced landscapers have been offering this service in Edinburgh for many years and are highly experienced in all forms of it.


We offer advice on all aspects of hard landscaping (including design) and we can build or install almost anything in your garden and make it look fabulous. All of our work is of the highest standard and you can rest assured that you are in the hands of experts.

Why Choose Us:


We’re experts – There are lots of people out there saying they offer hard landscaping services but very few actually have the experience and skills necessary to provide the very best service. We do, and every one of our staff is highly skilled and has all of the relevant qualifications as well as years of experience.


We’re cost effective – We can work to whatever your budget dictates, and we will always ensure that you get the maximum for your money. The value for money you get from using our Edinburgh hard landscaping services is simply amazing.


We’re local – Why bring in labour from elsewhere to help you with your hard landscaping needs? Our local landscapers are all based in Edinburgh or the West Lothian, Midlothian and East Lothian areas and are flexible, which means we can help you at a time and date that suits your timetable.


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Our Hard Landscaping Services



Paving – From simple paving jobs to complex paving work inclining the finest natural paving stones, our hard landscapers are highly experienced in all forms of this type of work.


Paths – Installing paths in your garden can really add a whole new dimension to your garden, creating a narrative to be enjoyed whilst enjoying its colourful delights.


Drainage – Some parts of Edinburgh have better drainage than others. If you are having problems, our highly skilled staff can help solve all of your drainage problems.


Lighting – Adding lighting to a garden can add a whole new dimension to its beauty and help you enjoy it more, being able to sit out into the early hours on a long summer’s night. Our experienced staff can help install all forms of garden lighting.


Fencing – Choosing the right fencing and getting it fitted correctly can lift a good garden to becoming a great garden.


Seating – What better way to enjoy your garden than to fit some permanent seating? We can assist you with all of your seating needs and have successfully installed a wide range of garden seating in Edinburgh.


Water features – Having a water feature in your garden is simply wonderful and it is a much more straightforward job to install than you may realise. Our experienced landscapers have installed hundred of water features in Edinburgh of all shapes, types and sizes.


Bridges – A garden stream is really special and adding a bridge to it can not only help the flow if your garden it can really add some visual impact too.


Service Diversion – Need vital services diverting? Our specialists are here to help.


Design – Our experienced landscapers can help you with all of your garden design needs from initial designs to project implementation.