Garden Design

Our garden design services in Edinburgh can be tailored to your needs.


Whether you are looking to simply revamp your existing design or you want a complete transformation of your garden, our Edinburgh garden designers are here to help.


We’ve helped many people realise some amazing visions of their gardens across the Edinburgh area from the city centre and suburbs to garden designs in Midlothian, West Lothian and East Lothian. Our offering is a full garden design service that will realise your garden ideas from inspiration to implementation.

Step 1 - Consultation

The great thing about using Edinburgh garden designers such as ourselves is that unlike some online designers, we can come and see your garden or plot of land. We will listen to your ideas and together explore how we can make these happen within your budget.


If you’re struggling to come up with some ideas as to what you might do with it, then we can throw some of our ideas into the mix and show you some of the gardens we have worked on before. Once we’ve had our meeting, we will draw up a brief and come up with a quote for the design services as well as the landscaping services if required.

Step 4 - Construct

The next stage is the construction of your garden. This is mainly the hard landscaping part and thanks to the fact that we offer these services, we can give you a great price on this aspect of the build. Once the basic layout of the garden is in place, it is then time for the next stage.

Step 6 - Project sign-off

Once you happy with the design of your Edinburgh garden and our implementation, then the project is signed off and you’re in possession of a fantastic new garden that you can continue to enjoy for many years to come.

Step 2 - Survey

The next step is the survey. This includes accurate measurements of your garden and things such as access points, windows and ground levels. We’ll also note soil types, drainage, manhole covers and other important features to be aware of. We’ll make detailed photographs and then ensure we are aware of any services underground.

Step 3 - Plan

The next stage is where we come up with a 2D design of the proposed design of your Edinburgh garden. This will be very detailed but if you prefer things a little simpler, we can also come up with a fantastic 3D model of your new garden design to really help you envisage what your new garden will look like.

Step 5 - Planting

The final stage of the build and the stage where it all comes together. With your input, we will come up with a planting scheme that will reflect your likes as well as the particular growing conditions of your garden. Once this has been done, we will then set about planting and then you will see your new garden in its full glory.

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