Are you looking for Edinburgh decking services for your home and garden?


Decking is becoming more and more popular in Edinburgh and it is one of the best ways to transform your garden for the better, turning it into a thing of beauty, stylish and practical.


Decking is perfect for patios and is an excellent option for placing tables, sofas, chairs and plants on as well as making excellent pathway through your garden.


Decking can be designed and installed in a myriad of ways and can be supplied in many different types of wood. Our Edinburgh decking installers can work with all types of designs and wood which means that you can have decking that is really unique to you and your property.


5 Reasons To Get Decking Installed By Edinburgh’s Premier Decking Service:

Increase the Value of Your Home

Having decking installed in the garden of your Edinburgh home can seriously increase not just the value of your property but its saleability too. Well planned and well executed decking enhances a garden to such a degree that it can be one of the major reasons a buyer decides to purchase. Simple, timeless and immensely practical, decking is not a cost, it’s an investment and one of the very best you can make.

Decking is Safe

One of the most popular requests to our Edinburgh decking services is non-slip decking. Unlike some other materials that you may use in your garden decking can come in non-slip forms which is very suitable for those with mobility issues such as the elderly and infirm.


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Decking is Practical

Decking makes your garden more functional. Whether you are using it for a patio or for pathways, it makes your garden easier to use as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Decking is long lasting and if you choose a composite material it doesn’t need to be stained or treated and will last a lifetime.

Cost Effective

Decking lasts a long time and when y9ou factor this in, it makes an excellent investment. Our Edinburgh decking services are very competitively priced and as well as supplying the decking, we can design, install and maintain which ensures that your decking looks great and lasts a long time.

Decking is Good For You!

The best thing about decking? It’ good for you! Having a decked area of your garden encourages you to get outdoors more and spend more time in the fresh air and sunshine! This gives you all the benefits, helping you to relax and getting fantastic vitamin D, a vitamin that many of us are deficient in and is needed for healthy bones.